You Believe It's Too Late For You To Succeed

These are mental tactics to use when you feel that it is too late to achieve what you want due to age, time or your current stage of progression.


The Pursuit

Firstly, if you are pursuing a goal or dream and you love what you’re doing, then the journey is already a form of success. The pursuit is already its own reward.

You may not have the external validation, rewards, money or accolades, but doing what you love is living successfully.

The Others

Are there any people who achieved your goal at an older age or later stage? In many fields (sports, business, music, the arts), people have broken the conventional expectations of age and time. If they did it, then so can you.

The First

Even if no one has already done so, can you be the first to break the barrier of age or time? Someone is always first. Why not you?

The Best

Even at your current stage, you can aim to achieve all that you possibly can right now. Your dream doesn’t have to be all or nothing. When you achieve your best, you can strive for even more.

You could also pursue your dream differently and therefore stand out from the crowd. Or you could pursue an alternative and possibly even more rewarding dream. There are many to pick from and each one is more fulfilling than simply giving up.