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About Diji Motivation

Diji Motivation is a collection of 4-point thought experiments to help you view situations differently and better. Master your mind. Level up your life. ..Check out one below now!

Reasons to Remain Positive


People in worse situations, with fewer resources, facing the most impossible and dire challenges have emerged victorious. This isn't about comparison. It is simply evidence that you are also capable.


You have won before. In one area of your life or another, however small or insignificant you may feel it is now. You have passed through situations that seemed impassable at the time. Perhaps it was acquiring a job, improving your fitness or forming new relationships. If you succeeded once, you can do it again and even better than before.


Our time in this world is limited. It is minimal compared to infinity. You can choose to spend this fraction of time in a positive or negative frame of mind. Even in the face of all that is not yet as you may wish. So why not defiantly see the good and wonderful things that do exist.


What choice do you have? Dwelling upon sad thoughts will not help you. Being positive can however lead you to find solutions to improve your happiness, wellbeing, success and other goals. A hopeful frame of mind is your best and only option.